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I’ve been posting these youtube vids lately, I know, but-

This song might be the most important song in my life. It’s gotten me through some really nasty thoughts, feelings, and moments in my life, multiple times, and it continues to do so, and it doesn’t fail. 
(and it’s a cheesy thing for me to say but) this song sort of sums it all up for me, and nothing has ever hit closer to home. And I’m sure it has for many others, I just want it on my blog for me to keep and to look back on when I need to. 

This song is what I really want to live by

Norman isn’t gonna end up being my subject matter for my sophomore short after all. 
Too many problems with the project, and no time to solve them. So instead, I’m gonna go with my original short idea that I’ve had since last year.

Here is a doodle of the character, Hansen, that I’m going to be working with instead. It’s super quick, problee done 10-15 min before class just to show my prof. what he looks like.

I feel sad that I can’t do my Norman short, but this silly one should be fun too!


Another helper of the film is my pal Circe, who is doing some background character animation as well! c:

I WISH I WAS THIS CUTE- and here I get to wear my fav sweater AND my fav scarf, so I’m just double fab.
It’s been super fun to do the little bit of animation iv’e done so far, I need to kick it more into gear and really crank stuff out soon.

Regardless, it’s been a pleasure and it will continue to be <33 I luv my wolfie self, oh gosshh 


ok so i’m kinda absolutely head over heels in love with this chesh doodle sleepersanonymous did so i couldn’t resist lining and coloring it!! a very impromptu collab but gosh i love love love 

AGH my heart, this is so lovely, oh my lordie-

I would have done a neater doodle if I knew you were gonna do this, but it seems like I didn’t even need to, you just stepped it up and made everything 10000 times better, I looovveee this.
Fav character, hands down, PINSTRIPE PANTS AND DARK REDS.

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