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Anonymous asked:

I'm seriously in love with your art style and characters and colors and everything!! I really love how your art always has that "painted" kinda look to it, like you were using an actual paint brush. Do you think you could share with us what kind of brush you use, or how you do it?

Ohhh, thank you so much! That means a whole lot to me, thank you! <3 

And, hmmm, let’s see, how to explain it. I actually just use a slightly tinkered with brush on sai (the marker tool, I think?)! I don’t exactly remember what I did with it, and I’m always changing the settings a little, like the density of it as I paint. 
I’m actually a bit new to Sai still, and I’m still figuring it out its wonders. And I’m still an amateur at digital painting. I don’t think I really know what I am doing to be honest, haha.

I kind of just swish the brush around until something comes out, and I cram in as many colors and strokes as I can- I wish I could explain it better, but it’s so experimental for me every time that I have a different method with each art piece I do. 

I’m sorry I can’t give a clear answer, though, I wish I knew as well..


a few quick exploration doodles of this minty mantis chick who sssstill doesn’t have a name??? I dont want to just name her “mint” and be done with it that just seems boring to me :/

BUT i do rly dig circe’s idea of her scarf becoming huge claws especially with a bunch of tiny eyes on em mmmyes. so yeah, i’ll sleep on a name and she’s definitely not done in design there’s still so much research to be done woo!

also bonus teeny fletcher bc heads up im still in love

mffffffff lookit the teeny fletcher, this goes right on my blog, Misha quit doing me things or I’m going implode with nice feels, STAHP. 
And there is like
sooooo many mantis options, you are gonna have FUN researching those guys, I still need to develop my mantis guy, who isn’t anywhere around (just yet), but MAN



circe got me in a “buggy things with multiple eyes” mood sooooo minty mantis girl???? the marks on her forehead become actual eyes when she’s startled :>

(hobbies include watching live tennis)

HELLLOOOOOOOOOO who is this beaut
This minty beaut
This mantisy minty beaut
Ooofff I needa have a pass at this character when I get back to my dorm because MANTISES
Just two of the best things on this earthh yess


hello my baby hello my honey hello my ragtime….moth…dude………

holy jeebuz my heart, you drew him so perfect and you added eyes on his suit and now I want to put that into his design because it’s perfect and beautiful and YOU ARE SO NICE MISHA WHY
this is so NICE I love it I LOVE IT, aghh. You are a perfect being misha, ilu, this made my day!!


This is something I did for sleepersannonymous quite a while ago.

Don’t worry this isn’t the art I was talking about.

Oooooh thank you so much! You got her sharing her candy guts and all, that’s accurate and in character <33
I’m super flattered you’d draw something of my character, that just always warms me right up, thank you a million times, this makes me haappyy!


Anonymous asked:

hey! i looove love love your art style! i was just wondering if you have any tips for like, the way you do your characters' figures and posing?? i can't think of the right word gah but all the characters just seem so fluid and have such energy in their bodies/poses.... this is an embarrassing ask sorry !!

Hi! and nooo no, don’t be embarrassed! It’s an interesting ask, I don’t think anyone’s asked about this yet, hmmm.

Well, I guess the first thing to consider is the line of action of a character. You are on anon, so I can’t see your work and tell you do’s and dont’s for you specifically but-

I think something that goes for everything regarding stylized art or cartoonish characters and such is that, if you understand what you are drawing, you are going to have a better result. 
So for characters, as an example, a human, if you understand the anatomy of a human being, you are going to be able to manipulate your rendition of it with a lot more control!

So what’s really nice about figure drawing and anatomical studies (realism and such) is that is helps an artist understand how things work in a 3 Dimensional space, so you aren’t just putting lifeless lines down on a paper.

This is getting long winded because I do that sometimes, I’m so sorry.

I guess, the key is understanding your subject, and then after you have a sort of understanding, you can PUSH it, bend it, break it, MAKE IT SUFFER, make it completely yours to control.  Just experiment and have fun with poses, bodies are amazing, and an exaggeration of a body is even more fantastic. 

So also consider line of action, movement, structure, build, design, there is so much to really say, haha. But it goes back to understanding, I think. And I can’t claim to understand how all my subjects work, but when I made an active effort to try to understand, I felt like my work and my posing got a lot better!

I hope that all makes sense, I’m a terrible teacher and communicator, haha, but thank you so much for the ask and the nice compliments!

damianaid asked:

Hiya!~ again. Ever seen REPO! The Genetic Opera? If so, whatdidya think? I feel like I might have already asked this before... but I just can't remember.~

A friend JUST showed me some clips, and I haven’t seen the movie, but I gotta say, it looks super fun!
Viv just showed me the “Zydrate Anatomy” music clip, and it made me plenty happy, so I might just watch it!

(I love musicals, oooh yes)

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