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I never posted this!
(mostly because I was self conscious about it, but I don’t care as much anymore, this is a good two or three months old)

This was my animation principles final, in a very shitty video. The assignment was to include a take, a classic action and a perspective walk in one lil thing. I didn’t do as well as I had wished, but it was fun in retrospect!
Also, never got to finish the mirror. Pretend it falls down.

While I’m at it

Since I’m posting all this comic wips and character things, I’m just gonna say-
Finished the first page completely, and I have a bit more to go. I made a post that said I had written more than 30 pages of comic drafts, and I managed to cut it down to 13.
So it wont be as detailed, but I think it’s a lot more effective, and I will be able to get it up on the web sooner. 

Thank you for the nice comments I’ve been getting and all the likes/reblogs, they keep me fueled!

Okay, so this shit is totally not worth looking at, these are some screen shots of some sections of a number of pages I’ve sketched out for OPP. Reaaaalllyyy loose and obviously far from the final product, but I thought it would be sort of fun to put some progress up for people who are interested to see. 

A few more pages will be sketched and then I will start re working the sketches and inking. heeere we go.






im gunNA VOMIT


I haven’t posted in a while, so here is a thing I’m allowing myself to reblog. Je. Sus. Christ.

(Source: the-fearless-tall-dude-killer)

apolloscooter asked:

Do you think the sitting position affects someone when they draw?

OH, most definitely it does! I’m not terribly good at this, but I know for a fact that it’s so important to be comfortable when you sit down and work for hours. People need to take care of their backs and necks if they want to be fruitful and effective artists for the long run.

That being said, I’m all messed up from moving my work station everywhere these last couple of months, and it’s awful, haha

Hey, all, I have been getting a steady rise in followers this last week or so, and I’m pretty surprised, considering it’s been a little inactive here. I’ve also been getting really nice messages in my inbox, and I REALLY appreciate those, those make my day.
I wanted to say thank you to all the people who follow the blog, and thank you to all the people sending me nice compliments, it really means a lot!

My goodness, okay! So here is a photo set of all the pages in my sketchbook that Viv drew in. She did a crazy amount of drawing in my sketchbook, and I love every single page of it.
Lots and lots of pairing stuff, everybody, look away.

It was a great visit, so happy to have had her over and meet her in person!

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