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samsblogofweedeveryday asked:

Hey! :D I've been following you for sometime now and it's a good thing I did! I like your cartoony style a lot, specially the characters <3~!

(sooooo late, I’m so sorry, stuff gets lost in the back of my mind, it’s so rude of me)
Thank you! I really appreciate you like my characters, they mean a lot to me, so its a big compliment, thank you so much! Characters is all I seem to draw to, so, pf, glad someone likes them, haha!

iliveonmycdrive asked:

Firstly, I really like your style. What are some artists that inspire you?

Ah, I’m so bad at responding to messages, I’m so sorry, I’m so distracted at the moment.
But aw, man, thank you! I really appreciate that, it really does mean a lot!

Um, as for the questiooonnn, hmmm. That one is super hard, when I was younger I was a very influenced by Jhonen Vazquez, he is a big one, as well as Tim Burton, Roman Dirge and Jamie Smart. I think I have moved on from those influences since then? (hopefully, haha)

Now it’s hard to pin point specific artists I’m inspired by, I love Norman Rockwell, Jim Henson, Richard Williams and a ton more, but I think I’m more inspired by particular works than I am with particular people. I can also safely say that just my artist friends in particular are a huuugeee inspiration to me, probably my biggest!

Sorry, I have typed your ear off, it’s an interesting question I can’t answer very well, haha. Thank you so much for asking! 



please log off of tumblr dot com if you find yourself writing paragraphs in defense of fucking ROACHES

Saying “oh my god they’re FUCKING ROACHES” doesn’t actually make the issue trivial or make you any less of a dumbass.

You think they’re only worthless and disgusting because you’ve been told to by popular culture. There are thousands of cockroach species and only three of them are pests. Three. Even those aren’t remotely dangerous to human life, and there’s no logical reason, at all, that tormenting them should be any more acceptable than any animal you think is “cute” or “pretty.” Grow the fuck up and learn to respect the natural world. All of it.

Even an organism hurting you should never deserve to suffer for it. A mosquito for instance can’t possibly know that it irritates you, so why would it deserve to die slowly for it?

It’s inexcusable, unforgivable behavior to cause ANY unnecessary stress or injury to any kind of life form. Especially not for fucking “fun.”

This is a really important statement to me.

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