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elexice asked:

hey, how often are you going to update the comic. ... (e 3 e) just wondering


I’m planning on doing so once a week, since Saturday is my freeday with school! So once a week around the weekends is the plan, maybe after a while I will have more solid dates to offer!

I will say that the first page is kinda boring, so I might cave and put in the second one and THEN stick to that schedule haha (since I have more pages done).

Thank you for asking <3

Made sure to get this done before school tomorrow. Here is the busts for all the main characters in Our Personal Purgatory, I’ve been meaning to do this for a while.
And now that I am pretty comfortable with the designs, I sat through and did it. Go go me!

WHOO school, aw yeah, yay….ye..yah..


Haha old to new! But man oh man was I too nervous to post these, that’s why it took so long and I’m sorry! But Sarah convinced me that I should be proud because she’s so kind, so finally here they are! sleepersanonymous' characters Mary and Lloyd! I have a drawing of Fletcher I want to post but I wanna color it @o@” But yay finally!! These two are a couple of my favorites haha and I absolutely HAD to do both designs for you! So yeah…hope you like them cx

Seriously, THANK YOU!!
I know you had mentioned that you would do some, but I didn’t expect it, so this makes me beyond happy!
Thank you so, so SO much! For a couple of days I’ve been on a downish mood, this brings it back up, I really needed this!

You are seriously sweet, aw man, I’m still so flattered you like both Mary and Lloyd (Lloyd especially, haha, he gets no love, and rightfully so!)

I really love them, these drawings are so cute! And it will be so interesting to see Fletcher, haha, though obviously you are never obligated to do him or anything else! I’m just super grateful!

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